NEW! grays in HYW and Tape-Ins
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New seasons are a great opportunity for a style update, and summer typically means tanner skin and lighter hair. But while we all know the caveats of tanning skin (use plenty of SPF and opt for fake tanners to avoid skin damage!) we might not be as familiar with those of lightening hair—especially when hair extensions are involved. Make sure that your hair transformation and summer upkeep goes along without any hair care hiccups, even without too much extra effort!...
“Why are black hairs mixed in with my blonde extensions?” This is one of the common complaints we hear from stylists that use other hair extension companies. Here’s the answer: Although it happens to all types of hair, the black hair problem is most prevalent with Indian hair. The reason is because within the last few years, Indian women have started using a product on their hair that has substantial amounts of coconut oils. Over the years, while growing their...
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