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Doesn’t it seem like we take a million pictures before choosing one that we actually like? Either our hair is too flat, too poofy, our smile is too big, or we aren’t smiling enough. Although we can’t really help you with your smile, we certainly can give you some tips for finding full proof picture-perfect hair. With holiday parties in full force, this might come in handy.

  1. Who doesn’t love a great bun? A safe and fast hairstyle that will have you looking classy no matter what you wear or what you do. The bun will hold every hair in place so you don’t have to worry about your hair looking frizzy. What’s even better is with a bun maker, you can’t mess it up and you will love the way your hair extensions look. The bun maker is easy to use and you can even try leaving a section of hair out to braid and then wrap it around the bun.
  2. High or low, a sleek ponytail can always look so chic. A favorite because it does so well with hair extensions and is super quick to create. Use a heat protectant before straightening your strands with a hair straightener. Finish by applying a glossing  spray or shine after placing your hair in a hair tie. You can also leave a strand of hair out to wrap around your ponytail to hide the hair tie. Looks stunning with a good face contour to bring out your best facial features.

Wand it. If you haven’t used a wand before—you need to. If you have, then you understand the hype. A curling wand will leave your hair with the best spirals in the quickest time possible. Since the messy trend is in, you can create a messier look by tussling through your curls and applying a finishing spray.

A deep, sleek part. The best thing about wearing hair extensions is that you have that extra weight for the sleek styles that are very much the trend right now. Leave your hair down and part your hair on the side you prefer. For a deep part you want it to be between the middle of your face and your ear. Tuck your hair behind your ears, apply your favorite hair smoothing cream to those flyaways and you’re ready!

For a more festive look for those Christmas parties, or to complete that New Years Eve look, add hair tinsel or hair jewels  to any of these hairstyles.

Make sure to always carry your hair extension brush with you because you never know when you’ll need to refresh your hair before you capture those best moments with a picture.

Have a favorite full-proof style you’d like to share? Comment below!