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By choosing Donna Bella Hair for your clients, you’ve taken a big step in the right direction. Not only do we work hard to bring you the best quality of hair at great prices, we’re also making sure to provide you with opportunities to grow as a stylist and advance in your profession. How so? Well, for starters, we offer online education to make you specifically Donna Bella Certified in all 3 extension methods, which then gives you the ability to add more services to your list and cater to a larger clientele. But if you thought that was as far as you could go, you thought wrong...

Becoming Donna Bella Certified also opens doors for opportunities to become part of the team as a Donna Bella educator. To become an educator, you must be certified in all three methods. As an educator you will travel around the country to provide the best hair installations for clients at hair shows, as well as the best service and classes, teaching others the tricks of the trade. By traveling with us, you’ll become well known in the industry and make a name for yourself in a competitive market. If this sounds like something you would like, get your application in by June 15th for Donna Bella’s National Stylist Search. What is the National Stylist Search? Click here to learn more.

If you’re not quite ready to become an educator just yet, certification still has its benefits for you. You can take advantage of the Donna Bella Stylist Directory which allows us to refer you to prospective clients; and trust us, we get tons of emails daily from clients asking for a stylist in their area to install their Donna Bella hair. Of course, there are also special discounts for you on Donna Bella hair products, and insider deals. Be the first to know when new products hit the shelves while taking advantage of your special price!

If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, check out our online classes or our hands-on Pro Series tour with internationally known stylist Ruben Martinez. Ruben will definitely show you how to master the craft of hair extension installation with every trick in the book, including how to price your services. The Pro Series is designed to help you grow as a stylist so that you can earn more income and benefit from more loyal clients than ever before.

Are you ready to become Donna Bella Certified? Let us know if you have any questions or concerns to help you take the leap!