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Since we’re on our I-Link series, let’s clear up another misconception about I-Link Hair extensions, shall we? As we scroll through social media, we see a ton of amazing work and mind-blowing creations made with Donna Bella Hair extensions, and, once in a while, we’ll come across a picture that makes us want to reach out and give a stylist a few pointers. So here’s our next pointer to keep in mind when installing those little micro-bead hair extensions: do not get too close to the scalp. Always place the bead about a quarter of an inch away from the scalp. Pictured above: the 2 on the left are incorrect.  The 2 on the right are the correct way of I-Link placement.

Some stylists think that the closer they get to the scalp, the better the beads will hold because they’re tightly secured. This is actually FALSE. Placing the bead too close to the scalp will not only be extremely uncomfortable for your client, it can also potentially cause breakage. Because the bead is placed too close to the root of the strand, there’s a lot of pressure there from the weight of the bead. All it takes is one stroke of a brush and you’re looking at breakage.

Another reason you should not place the bead too high up on the hair is because you won’t have that 360 degree movement that I-Links are used for. It’s harder to place the I-Links without waterfalling if you place the bead too high. If you drop the extensions slightly, you can install them at a better angle to get a more natural look.

The discomfort from having the bead placed too close to the scalp can cause little red bumps that form on the scalp when it’s too tight. If your client is complaining about discomfort after 24 hours, you should definitely check to see if you’ve placed the bead a little too close. If you have, you’ll need to unclamp the beads and give them more space. That’s why, as a rule of thumb, always leave a quarter of an inch of space.

To learn more about the proper installation of Donna Bella Hair extensions, check out our online education or our hands-on training classes at the next hair show. If you’re serious about stepping up your hair extension skills, we invite you to attend our next Pro Series class.