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Recently I took a trip to one of the Hawaiian islands— Maui. As a devoted Donna Bella Hair wearer, I was not about to go on this trip without them, which meant I would need to take extra care of my babies. We hear a lot of stories on how tropical island weather and activities can affect hair extensions, so thanks to you guys, I knew exactly what to do. Needless to say, I’m back in the office and my...
Having a more than average oily scalp can be a pain but doesn’t mean you can’t wear hair extensions. Oily scalps are actually the best candidates for Donna Bella Hair Kera-Link extensions. The Kera-Links will bond to the hair better than Tape-Ins or I-Links. On the day of your initial installation appointment, make sure your hair is clarified with our Cream Cleanse™ Shampoo as best as you can. Once your extensions are in, washing your hair every other day instead...
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