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One of the most common phone calls we get in the Donna Bella Hair customer service department starts a little something like this: “I just got my hair extensions put in, but they’re not staying in.” After troubleshooting each phone call, carefully asking the necessary questions to find out what exactly is happening, the answer is so simple you’ll be shocked to find out what it is.... We get so busy as stylists that we forget to mention the first,...
There’s nothing worse than getting an installation done only to find your hair extensions slipping the very next day. It is common to lose a strand or two over the length of time that your extensions are in, however, if  you do lose a good chunk, it shouldn’t be until you’re closer to your move-up appointment. To ensure you’re doing everything right on your end as the client, make sure your hair is 100% clarified before any initial installation or move-up appointment....
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