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Strand Organizer Stand

Strand Organizer Stand


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Strand Organizer Stand

  • Includes 12” extender and protective Carry Case
  • Connects to Strand Organizer (not included)
  • Adjustable aluminum legs with non-slip rubber tips
  • Lightweight, 1.8 lbs; extends from 21.5” to 55” (4.5 ft)

* Donna Bella Strand Organizer sold separately!

Complete your Donna Bella Strand Organizer with its partnering DB Strand Stand! Designed to professionalize and maximize your work area, the Strand Stand allows you to set up your installation station absolutely anywhere. The non-slip rubber tips guarantee sturdiness on any surface, so your extension strands stay in place the entire time. And when you’re all finished, it easily collapses. Now you can carry your salon everywhere you go!

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