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May, 2012

Dear Friends,

When I founded this company in 2003, I did so with the intent of making all women feel as remarkable as they are. I felt that there was a hole in the market and that there were women out there who weren't being serviced in a way they should. Through my wife's experiences with hair extensions, I realized how many things could be done better. There are so many companies out there offering products to women who care little for the individual person—the sale is all that matters.

When I founded Donna Bella, I vowed to serve each and every woman. I wanted to offer high quality products with enough variety to fit everyone's needs. It's because of you I was able to start this business. I hope my gratitude is apparent in all of your interactions with Donna Bella.

I often get asked, “What makes your company better than the other hair extension companies? Why should I buy from you?” I've given this a lot of thought over the years and I have it narrowed down to four specific things that set us apart from our competition. We strive to excel in these areas so our products can be as remarkable as the clients who use them.

Donna Bella offers a wide variety of high quality hair extension products. Many of our competitors only focus on one or two areas of hair extensions, forcing customers to visit multiple companies in order to get all the needed products, or pushing them into buying products they don't necessarily want. I realized that having such a limited variety of hair extension products was not only impractical, but also inconvenient. What
about the salons who
want to install the
different kinds of
extensions? What about
the women on a budget who need an inexpensive and temporary extension solution? If we want to make every women feel as remarkable as they are, shouldn't we have products for all women?

Women on a budget who need an inexpensive and temporary extension solution...

That's when I realized the importance of variety. At Donna Bella, we offer I-Link extensions (micro bead), Kera-Link (fusion), Tape-In extensions, and Clip-In extensions. Each extension is different, but equally important. Each client has a preference; I wanted to make sure I offered products that met all of these preferences.

Some women prefer the I-Link Pro extensions because they offer flexibility, require no heat or chemicals for installation, and last for 3-6 months. This strand-by-strand installation method gives 360 degree hair movement, which is popular among clients.

Some women prefer the Kera-Link extensions because they have natural 360 degree movement and flexibility.


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