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Expectations will make or break your professional career. Exceed your client’s expectations and you have a customer for life. And if you want to guarantee a happy ending for every new hair extension customer, be sure to begin with a well designed consultation.

Hair extension consultations should be a planned, step-by-step conversation. Think of the last time you went to the doctor. Someone, perhaps a physician’s assistant, sat you down and asked you a series of questions about your current condition. Your interview with clients should get to the heart of what the client wants to achieve by getting hair extensions and will explain the process of getting extensions.

Here is a checklist that you might consider using when you sit down for a consultation.

Q & A
Why do you want hair extensions?
Do you have friends who have hair extensions?
How long do you expect that you will wear hair extensions?
How often do you currently wash and condition your hair?
Are you prepared to spend addition time caring for the extensions?
Do you know about Remy quality hair extensions?
Which application system works best for you? Bead, Fusion, Both?
What questions do you have about getting extensions?
What questions do you have about caring for extensions?

Determine The Following
Preferred application process.
Desired length.
Additional volume or thickness.
Extension colors, highlights, or lowlights (see Donna Bella color ring)
Additional hair color needed.
Additional cut or curl needed.
Number of packs of hair needed.
Approximate time it will take for the hair to arrive.
Approximate time it will take to apply the hair.
Number of follow-up appointments or adjustments.
Approximate cost for hair extension service.

Set an appointment with adequate time so that no one is rushed.
Make sure that the appointment date leaves plenty of time for the hair to arrive.
Get a deposit for half the cost of the service.
Order the hair from Donna Bella Milan and specify the appointment date.
Provide written guidelines for how to best care for hair extensions.

Going through a checklist with every new extension customer will ensure that there are no misunderstandings about what the service includes. Consultations are especially helpful when it comes to putting a high dollar value on the service and your expertise. A good consultation will remove any surprises when it comes to your customer paying the bill.

Good consultations simply work wonders!

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and author of the Donna Bella weblog.