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The short answer? No. While common sense would suggest that long hair is more expensive to care for than shorter hair (and particularly hair extensions, due to the need for more products and protective procedures), there are ways to work around that impulse and achieve an effective-yet-frugal care regimen for long/extended hair. Learn how to make a little product go a long way in this week’s blog post, and test out these tips on our new extra long extensions: 26”...
Hair extension installations should be approached in the same way as any other time-intensive, long-lasting procedure. You have to prep the client beforehand, and give them the tools to help them prepare their hair so that it’s extension-ready. We spoke with Mallory (Lane) Chafins (@mallorylanesalon) of Mallory Lane Salon & Gallery about client hair health, hair prep, and tips for getting unruly hair in tip-top shape. Extension-ready hair is: clean flake-free dry to the touch tangle-free - key for keeping the...
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