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Hair extension installations should be approached in the same way as any other time-intensive, long-lasting procedure. You have to prep the client beforehand, and give them the tools to help them prepare their hair so that it’s extension-ready. We spoke with Mallory (Lane) Chafins (@mallorylanesalon) of Mallory Lane Salon & Gallery about client hair health, hair prep, and tips for getting unruly hair in tip-top shape. Extension-ready hair is: clean flake-free dry to the touch tangle-free - key for keeping the...
Brush using a soft bristle brush. The Hair Extension Brush is great because it’s made with boar hair, so the bristles are firm, but gentle. This brush won’t pull out hair or cause strain on the connection points. To brush: hold your hair roots with one hand to support the bonds. With the other hand, brush gently by starting at the ends and working up toward the scalp. Always go in a downward direction to preserve the hair’s natural direction....
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