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January 13, 2011


I am getting good at applying the actual hair extensions but struggle organizing the hair in orderly sections at the beginning of the process. I really don’t understand how to get the hair out of the way for easier handling and how to divide the work area on the back of the head.

Jafra, T. - Madison, Wisconsin


You are asking about “sectioning the hair”. To section properly, all you need is a rat tail comb an some large clips.

Diagonally, divide the clients hair into two equal halves right down the middle of the head. Then use a rat tail comb to part the hair from ear to ear, just below the oxcipital bone. Using the large clips, clip the sectioned hair on one side of the head, onto the top of the head. Then section the other side of the head and clip the hair up-top.

Make sure that the clipped hair is secure and the horizontal part is as straight as possible.

So that your client can wear her hair up or in a ponytail, do not apply extensions to the nap area or lower back of the head, below the horizontal part. Extensions are never applied in that part of the head. Check out our YouTube video titled “Install Donna Bella Milan Hair Extensions” to see how sectioning is made easy.

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