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Every curly and wavy hair woman goes through their own unique journey. Some straighten their hair for more length. Others let their natural locks flow, frizz and all. And those that have done extensive research—or gone through trial and error—have discovered products and techniques that give their curls and waves life. But even then, it may be tough to get your dream hair while rocking those springy and wavy strands!

We’re here to tell you that you can have it all! Let your strands flow, get the luscious locks of your dreams and show off your gorgeous, natural hair! How? Take on Donna Bella’s Curly and Wavy textured extensions!

How Donna Bella’s curly and wavy extensions are made

From the creation of the extensions to wearing them as your own, we keep your needs in mind. This is why we take great care in providing you high quality textured hair extensions to match your natural strands.

To maintain the highest level of integrity, the hair is wrapped on custom rods and processed through a baking cycle, setting the curls and waves into the extensions. The hair may lose its tightness over time, so we recommend selecting a curl pattern slightly tighter than your natural hair.

The best part of these extensions? You can extend your hair goals with proper maintenance and we’ve got the deets! Keep your hair on lock with these pro tips! 

How to care for your curly and wavy textured extensions

The staple “I woke up like this” only happens with the right tools and proper maintenance. So yes, you can achieve the perfect beach waves and springy curls of your dreams anytime, anywhere. Simply follow these maintenance tips!

  1. Detangle with ease. Make sure you work out the tangles with a wide-toothed comb and the Donna Bella Extensions Brush in the shower for smooth locks.
  2. Stay away from sulfates. For moisturized, light, frizz-free hair, use products that are specifically made for your texture.

DB pro tip: Dry your hair extensions with a diffuser on low to medium heat setting to help maintain the shape and bounce of your extensions.

  1. Less is more. Only wash your hair with shampoo 1-2 times a week. Over-washing your extensions may prematurely relax the texture and dry out the hair.
  2. Say no to straighteners. Show off your curls and waves, avoiding any added heat when necessary. They’re already fire locks anyways!
  3. Sleep with a Donna Bella silk pillowcase. This soft, shiny case is the best resting place for your hair to avoid friction and frizz.

DB pro tip: Keep your locks intact all night. Wear a loose braid or ponytail to avoid pulling the extensions when you’re tossing and turning.

Length, volume and your natural textured hair? We’ve got your covered with premium hair at a competitive price. Now’s the time to embrace your natural texture with more of it! All the length and all the volume is at your fingertips!

What’s the difference between Donna Bella’s curly and wavy hair extensions? Discover the answer and which one is the best fit for you on the DB blog!