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December 20, 2011


Micro beads come in small round bottles that hold 100 beads. When I am applying extensions, it slows me down when I have to pull out fifteen or twenty beads (one-by-one) from the jar to load onto the loop tool. How can I speed up the process?

Gillian B. – Portsmouth, New Hampshire


The easiest way to load beads onto the loop tool is to narrow the two loop wires into one long pointed wire and dip the pointed end directly into the bead jar. It is pretty much like putting a thread through the hole of a needle. You rarely have to touch the beads and they slip right onto the tool.

Here is a tip from one of our favorite stylists in California, Maxi Nogales.

Maxi, bought a small kitchen whisk about 7 inches long that had five looped wires. She clipped off one side of the wires (so that it looked like a basket) and then straightened out the remaining five wires using a bead tool.

Now Maxi loads a full jar of 100 beads onto the 5 whisk wires (20 beads per wire) to store them and then transfers the beads to the loop tool, 20 beads at a time.

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