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As of late, coconut oil has been getting a lot of  hype for its benefits, and also because it’s all natural. It’s great when used as part of your nutrition, does wonders for moisturizing your skin, and has proven to help distressed hair. Use it on your natural hair to restore it, use it while your extensions are in, or use it to revive them after your hair extensions have been taken out to get them ready for a re-installation. If you style your hair with heat constantly, coconut oil may help restore your hair extensions. Curious? Want to give it a shot? Here is some information to read before you try it.


How to apply: Coconut oil can be used to keep the ends of your hair extensions moisturized. Heat a tablespoon or two (not too hot, you don’t want to get burned) and apply ONLY to the tips of your hair extensions. It is super moisturizing so it is important that you stay as far away as possible from your tape, bond, or beads, or you’ll be experiencing slippage in no time. After applying the oil, place your hair extensions into a braid and leave it on anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight. If you choose to leave it on overnight, make sure you protect your clothes and pillow by placing a towel on your bed, or by wrapping a sheet of plastic around it.


Benefits: Coconut oil can be used to keep the ends of your hair extensions moisturized. Coconut oil is said to work better because it seeps into the hair shaft instead of just sitting on top of the hair. It reconditions hair from the inside out because it contains ingredients that help to restructure hair, such as vitamin E and Lauric acid. People that have used coconut oil have experienced less split ends because it is high in protein, giving your hair the needed strength to fight breakage. Another benefit to using coconut oil for your hair extensions is that it gives them shine.

Warning: Coconut oil is very heavy so you will have to wash your hair very well after the treatment. Shampoo your hair twice just to be sure.