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When we think of skin care, most of us think topical application, toners, scrubs and ex-foliant, and expensive miracle creams that supposedly remove wrinkles. 3oz for 150 bucks...it has to work, right? Well, nutritionalists and doctors are more regularly pointing to vitamins as a source of clean skin and this month's article by Day Spa Magazine examines just that. Here's a bit from the article by Andrea Renskoff:

“Using only topical skincare is an idea of the past. If you want to look at the future, you really have to have supplements,” says Dr. Howard Murad, whose Internal Skincare Supplements are a thriving part of his Murad skincare line. “I recommend an inclusive approach using treatments, topicals and nutrition, and the best place to get all three should be at the spa and nowhere else.” As spa professionals seek to help clients with total wellness, adding nutritional supplements to their retail shelves can provide both a strengthened revenue stream and a valuable service.

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