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Ever wondered about the differences between Donna Bella’s four hair extensions methods? We pride ourselves in having a variety of hair extension methods available so you can choose the one that’s right for you and your client. All of our methods are safe for hair and are made with 100% human remy hair.


This relatively new method is the easiest to install. It involves sandwiching sections of the natural hair between two hair extension wefts. (Watch a video).

Why people love this method: They can be installed in as little as 30 minutes.

Smooth and seamless, and super comfortable. Tape-In is great for fine and thin hair.


Keratin bonds are fused to hair strands with a special hot tool. Kera-Link has been around the longest; stylists have been doing this method for longer than any other. (Watch a video)

Why people love this method: They may take several hours to install, but they have extreme lasting hold. Keratin is a natural protein. It’s a strand by strand method, so there’s also a lot of styling potential.


In this method, strands are installed with small micro beads. (Watch a video)

Why people love this method: No glue or chemicals. The bead does all the work. Beaded extensions are really easy to adjust and tighten. Each strand has 360 degrees movement, so styling is easy, too. They’re also great for humid, wet climates.


Temporary hair extension method is one you can install yourself. Wefts are secured to the hair with small, secure clips.

Why people love this method: It’s not permanent. You wear them when you want and you can do it yourself. A lot of women go to their stylist first to get their Clip-Ins blended and styled.