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January 6, 2011



My new Donna Bella hair extensions are so fun to wear.  Thank you very much for a great product.  One question please.  I’m not used to having long hair and I don’t sleep very well because my extensions are noticeable to the touch.  It’s like attaching a feather duster to the back of my neck and trying to sleep. Any thoughts?

Ruby T – Turlock, California


We get a number of reports that suggest that sleeping takes some getting used to, when you first get extensions.  One customer solved the problem by wearing a T-Shirt to bed for a couple of weeks rather than her normal nightgown.  Our best idea is that before going to bed, braid your new long hair into a single plait to keep it under control during the night.  Try it for a couple of nights and you should be sleeping like a baby.

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