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October 21, 2010


As a stylist I am often asked by a client, whether they should wash their hair at home or wait until they arrive at the shop.  If I am putting extensions into someone’s hair does it matter where or when they shampoo their hair?

Grace R - Bardwell, Massachusetts


There are three issues.  Oily hair, cost and results.  You would be surprised how many clients like to wash their hair at home for the simple reason that they are embarrassed to show up at the salon with oily hair.  That is much more of an issue than women wanting to save money by not having you do the work.

Let them know that you want to wash and professionally prepare the hair for extensions.  You are the expert and the customer is looking to you for advice, especially when it comes to hair extensions.

Your hair extension appointment will be more successful if you wash the clients hair prior to placing the hair extensions.  The hair will lay better and make your job easier.  If the customer washes and dries their own, you may have a mess to clean up before you get started on the extensions.

Include the price of a wash in with the hair extension application, as an all-inclusive package.  That way, you prepare the hair properly and the extensions not only look better but the experience also gives your customer a true makeover feeling when they leave the salon.

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